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NEW Collection - COVE Painted

Cove - Painted

Presenting the painted version of our timeless kitchen front design. We've introduced... 

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We present a stellar selection of high-quality kitchen facades, paired seamlessly with versatile IKEA cabinets. Want to see how simple it is? Check it out here.

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We're dedicated to creating kitchen fronts that last, feel natural, and are built to withstand the test of time. Using top-quality MDF as a base, we enhance it by wrapping it in solid hardwood all around.

Our flat fronts feature a built-in handle, crafted to fit the shape of your fingers perfectly. It's not just about looking good, but also about making sure they're easy and comfy to use.

Dive into our COVE collection to discover more about our designs and materials.

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  • Painted in Cafe Mocha

    Introducing our painted version of our timeless design with integrated handle.
    Painted collection featuring elegant matte finishes on robust MDF core panels.

    COVE - Painted 
  • Black Walnut

    The timeless appeal of black walnut hardwood exudes a natural richness, depth, elegance, and warmth that's truly unparalleled.

    COVE - Black Walnut 
  • Fenix withBlack Walnut

    The durable Fenix NTM finish is applied to both the front and back surfaces, complemented by the integrated handle crafted from black walnut, infusing the kitchen with a touch of natural warmth.

    COVE Fenix - Black Walnut 
  • White Oak

    The design celebrates the raw, timeless beauty of white oak hardwood, featured prominently in the thick end grain side edges.

    COVE - White Oak 


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